With the growing shortage of forest-based cellulosic raw materials, HPC has been making untiring efforts for alternative sources of supply. HPC and HNL have launched massive community and farm forestry programmes through the medium of Non-Government organizations (NGO). HNL has distributed 205 lakh seedlings since inception in 1998 and plans to distribute 42 lakhs seedlings in 2005. With the help of NGOs, the scheme has assumed the dimension of a social movement. HNL has also undertaken captive plantation over degraded forest land. Work at NPM and CPM is in full swing.  The Farm Forestry Scheme has evoked positive response from the villagers.  Over 51.39 lakh seedlings have been distributed to NGOs between 2002-03 to 2004-05.

                                        Cleaner Environment

                                        HPC’s greater thrust for higher productivity is in harmony with its concern for a cleaner environment. There is a well-equipped environment cell in every mill to ensure that the discharges are minimum and maintained well within the tolerance limits. These teams are supported by the expertise available at the Corporate office and various other speciality organizations in the field of clean technology.

                                        Corporate Citizen

                                        As a responsible corporate citizen, HPC is committed to social uplift and development of the areas near its mills. It has made significant contribution to the development of the local community by encouraging ancillary industries in Greenfield areas. It provides health-care facilities and encourages education, sports and cultural activities in the near-by villages. HPC has also contributed to the construction of roads in the villages near its mills. In many adjacent villages, HPC and HNL provides safe drinking water.

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