Environmental Management Plan

                                        HPC believes that production of paper should not impair the right of others to live in harmony with nature. Contrary to popular belief, paper as a product is environment-friendly, because :

                                        w It uses renewable resources as raw material.
                                        w Raw material is bio-degradable.

                                        It uses only 8 per cent of the wood extracted from forests, balance 92 per cent is used for fuel, fodder, timber, etc.

                                        HPC has modern effluent (waste water) treatment plants in all its units, comprising both primary and secondary (biological) treatment to meet the standard, stipulated by the statutory authorities. The plants are in continuous operation since commissioning of units. Continuous efforts are on for adopting eco-friendly techniques in the process. As part of such effort, plant trial for enzyme bleaching to reduce the use of elemental chlorine has successfully been completed in Nagaon Paper Mill. H2O2 is in use in the bleaching sequence to reduce elemental chlorine consumption in Nagaon Paper Mill and Cachar Paper Mill.

                                        HNL, an ISO-14001 certified company, has an environmental policy.

                                        HNL Environmental Policy

                                        Hindustan Newsprint Limited, an environment friendly organisation is committed to :


                                        Avoid adopting an exploitative approach towards Nature, Habitat and Environment for creating conditions conducive to Sustainable Development.


                                        Practice the creed of conservation in word and deed for preparing the seed-bed of a better world geared to meeting needs rather than human greed.


                                        Be responsible and responsive corporate citizen through endeavours to create a safe, harmonious and ecologically balanced environment for its members and the community at large.


                                        Reduce progressively the use of natural resources like raw materials, water, fuel and energy and reuse and recycle such resources, wherever possible.


                                        Promote proactive and compensatory afforestation efforts to restore the natural environment for evolving clean and green environs by seeking to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and health.

                                        w Comply with relevant environment legislation and regulation.

                                        Spread eco-awareness amongst members, affiliates including customers and suppliers and the community at large.


                                        Attain and sustain product leadership with emphasis on minimising usage of non biodegradable substances.


                                        Upgrade all plants with state of art technology and operating practices to minimise and eliminate sources of pollution by continually benchmarking and bettering process parameters and performance.


                                        Help members to internalise and operationalise environmental policy, objectives, tasks and targets in a time-bound and cost-effective manner.

                                        HNL has achieved almost zero disposal of solid waste :

                                        w Lime sludge is burnt in the Rotary Lime Kiln and re-used in the process

                                        FLY ash is taken for re-use in the manufacture of cement by a A.C.C. group of company and rest are utilised for brick manufacturing.

                                        As a part of implementation of globally recognised Environmental Management System, NPM has adopted an environmental policy on World Environment day on 5th June’2001.

                                        Environmental Policy at Nagaon Paper Mill and Cachar Paper Milll

                                        NPM & CPM, unit of HPC are committed to :


                                        Adopt an environment friendly approach in all activities related to its products and services.


                                        Ensure compliance of all relevant legislative enactments, statutory regulation and orders.


                                        Evolve eco-awareness amongst its members, of filiates and the community at large.


                                        Minimise the use of non-biodegradable substances.


                                        Upgrade process controls and operating practice to contain and counter pollutants at source.


                                        Reduce the consumption of natural resources especially fibre, fossil, fuel, water and energy through conscious efforts to re-use and re-cycle wherever possible.


                                        Promote compensatory afforestation through community initiatives to reciprocate the gift of virgin fire.


                                        Disseminate information through frequent exchange and interaction with internal and external constituents on the progress in implementation of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs).

                                        Nagaon Paper Mill & Cachar Paper Mill are Having ISO 14001:2004, Environmental Management System certification by Det Norske Veritas AS (DNV) ), The Netherlands.

                                        In Nagaon & Cachar Paper Mills, solid wastes are used as land fill by controlled dumping for reclamation of the low lying areas owned by the Mills for future development. Plantation has also been done in the areas, thus developed.

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