Modernization and Technological Upgradation Plans (MTUP)

                                        HPC has outlined a road map for strengthening and reinforcing the competitiveness of its units and subsidiary in keeping with the strategic and structural changes taking place in the industry. A modernization & Up-gradation (MTUP) programme (see below) has been chalked out with proposed capital investment of Rs. 659 crores including environmental regulatory compliance requirements for NPM and CPM. The enhancement of installed capacity of NPM by 30% has also been proposed and clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forest obtained.

                                        Silent feature of Modernization & Up-gradation (MTUP) Programme

                                        The following schemes have already been commissioned

                                        w Capital outlay proposed = Rs 659 Crores
                                        w Winder Upgradation
                                        w Two street Soap Stone Powder Feeding

                                        Name of the Schemes

                                        w Quality Control System for L&T machine
                                        w Multi-fuel FBC Boiler to strengthen Utilities
                                        w Multifuel AFBC Boiler at NPM
                                        w Modernization of Continuous Cooking Plant
                                        The following Schemes are under execution stage
                                        w Revamping of the Pulping Line with Oxygen Delignification Plant, Additional Chlorine Dioxide Manufacturing facility and change to elemental Chlorine free Bleaching Sequence.
                                        w Multifuel AFBC Boiler at CPM
                                        w Cut Size Sheeter at CPM
                                        w Improving the Paper Machine QCS and size press for Quality improvement and Improvement Machine Drive System.
                                        UNITWISE INVESTMENT CPM NPM
                                          Rs. 307 Crores Rs. 350 Crores
                                        w Up-gradation in Rewinding and cutting facility
                                        w Capacity enhancement by 30% at NPM
                                        w Associated Balancing facilities in Pulping and Paper Machine area, Evaporator and Recovery Boiler Area
                                        w Installation of ESP for Coal Fired Boiler
                                        w Membrane Cell Conversion at Caustic Chlorine Plants
                                        w Online Coating facilities for Voith Machine at CPM
                                        w New Reel Wrapping Machine
                                        . .


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