HPC’s Business Mission

                                        HPC strives continuously to maintain a leading position in the paper and newsprint industry in terms of production quality, customer services and continuous absorption of more environment friendly technology. However, in the new globalised environment, understanding customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction at all stages have been identified as the key strategy for continuous growth.

                                        At The Doorstep Of Consumers

                                        To meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, HPC’s marketing strategy hinges on qualitative improvement and production of value-added items. A well-knit marketing and distribution network, covering the entire country, has been established through Corporation’s regional and sales offices, depots, as well as accredited stockists to make paper available in time at the doorstep of consumers.

                                        HPC - Market Positioning

                                        w Product portfolio of HPC

                                        -- Common varieties

                                        Cream Wove
                                        Computer Stationery Paper
                                        Base Paper
                                        Copier Paper
                                        Offset printing paper

                                        w End Users

                                        -- Education Sector
                                        -- Large Govt. / Instt. Buyers
                                        -- Publishing Houses
                                        -- Text Book printers, Diary and Calender printers
                                        -- Exercise Book Converter
                                        -- Newspaper Establishment

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